How to create simple Arduino code to move uArm Swift Pro

Hello, I am very new to the uArm but have an intermediate understanding of computer science and some experience with Arduino. I am trying to use the uArm Swift Pro to essentially mimic someones finger swipe over a computer track pad. I started by using the uArmStudio Blockify program, but was unhappy with the maximum speed it would allow me to move the arm (I will need to be conducting 1000’s of finger swipes, so the slow speed would result in an excessive amount of time).

I would like to create a simple program that tells the arm to move faster than the Blockify program will allow - I assume it will be in the form of Arduino code. Can someone explain how I can create a simple Arduino script that will make the uArm move?

Thanks in advanced!

Hi, you may need update firmware to 4.3.2 or later and then try to use Python or Arduio, as Python is easier, we recommend to use the uArm Python SDK. Thanks

I’m trying to use the Python SDK. I succesfully downloaded the file but am having trouble connecting to the uArm via the serial ports. I keep getting an error message that says access denied even though I have Arduino and uArmStudio closed. Any recommendations?

If you opened anything (Arduino or uArmStudio) in your bootup, I find it is possible those program did not release the port properly. It will say access denied because it thinks another program is still using.

Restart the computer. At the first thing you do, access your uArm with your python script. This solves that particular problem for me.

That worked! Thank you!!

That’s right,you have to check that the Arduino IDE and uArm Studio was terminated, additionally you have to check the “uarmcore” on the task manager to make sure that it’s terminated.