How to run standard Gcode file using uarm swift pro API

Hi there

I am a beginner in uarm swift pro. I have made a connection using uArm swift pro API. and make some movement. Then i created a G-code on Cura which generates a text file. I want to use that text file as Gcode
the Gcode uses the following commands for setting temperature
M104 S205
M109 S205
it also uses extruder through these lines,
G1 F1500 E0
G1 F1575 X126.274 Y124.39 E0.14308
however, I have no idea what help I can get from uArm swift pro API to run Gcode file under python.

Any comments are highly appreciated.

Hi,there is API about the 3D printing function in the Python SDK, please check it here: GitHub - uArm-Developer/uArm-Python-SDK: New python library for Swift, Swift Pro

thanks , i checked it , actually i wish to convert my GCode into python code or need to know how to run it in python. I have checked the linked there is one example that shows how to control temperature. I am looking for some guide that tells about the full description of the commands that can be used in python to handle uarm swift.

Not all the Gcode has a python function, maybe you could try swift_send_command, it will allow you send Gcode to uArm directly.