How to Trigger "@1" or "@5" response from uArm Swift?

Is there a command I can send to the uArm Swift or Metal to trigger the “@1” or “@5” response ?
It seems like the only way to get that to happen is after the uArm is reset with the power or reset button. What command can I send to do a reset and trigger an “@” response ?


Currently not. We design it only for the power up report. For the pro we could use P2234 to check the status of power connection. I do think we should think about it in swift. Thanks

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Hi Tony,
Thanks for responding so quickly. It would be useful to be able to get an “@N” response from the uArm for software to be able to synchronize with it. I hope you’ll consider this as an enhancement. It doesn’t seem that it would be too difficult to add and it would mean a developer didn’t always have to power cycle the device to confirm that it’s ready.