I Control not working

Hi there, I just opened my uArm Swift Pro after receiving it several weeks ago. I’ve connected it up to my MacBook Pro and installed the software. I was able to update the firmware to v3.1.16. I then clicked the getting started link and followed through the 12 pages to the icons. I then clicked on the Control icon and got to the manual control page. The arm reset itself to the middle position. If I click on the direction circle or the height circle to the arm just raises itself very very slowly but does not operate the command I specified. It does not seem to work properly at all. Not a great experience for out of the box :frowning:

Hi @gparris

The control section is not available for uArm Swift Pro yet. The next version of Studio will.
That’s why we “hide” the icon for home page.

Please try other features like teach&play, Blockly and so on. Thanks!