I got a wooden Kickstarter model. The first release ever. I want to use it again in November 2017. All the old file links and instruction links are broken. What do I do?

I need some help getting my kickstarter wooden uarm working again. Haven’t used it in a few years and lost all the files I need. What should I do?

Could you please PM me your Email address so I can sent it to you via Email?

I have the same issue, is there a link yet, to the original uarm kickstarter for instructions? any help appreciated.

I could not figure out how to PM you Daniel… my email is jay@hurleyresearch.com


HI, I upload to Google driver: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1U_i96OBi2j03fpMB8nFm47z5-V5vDO1v