Idea: Relax position reducing power and heat

uArm Serial No.: 508CB17680FC
Firmware Version: 3.1.9
Operation System: Win10
uArm Controlling Method: uArmStudio

The “uArm Swift Pro” gets very warm holding a specific poition with it’s stepper motors - that is the difference to the servo approach - OK. The base gets very warm and a high current is drawn to supply motors and controller. If we would move the arm into a relax position (for my uArm Swift Pro e.g. it is xyz: 104/0/42) we could relax, disable the controllers an wait for a new task reducing supply current. A requirement should be, that it is possible to switch off relax mode an continue movements without any lost positioning.
So, is it posible to disable the stepper by controlling the Steppers Controller enable input pin?

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Yeah, that’s really a good idea, we would think about it in the improvment. And the command is here, you could also use it in your code. Thanks

Hi Tony,
thanks! Good to know!
I have played with detach/attach around like:

  1. Release (detach): #n M2019
    the drawn current at 230V goes from 144mA (32W) down to 3mA(0,7W) !!
  2. Move manually to relax Position e.g.
  3. Ask position: #n P2220
    getting: $n ok X101.14 Y0.00 Z41.12
    … pause …
  4. Attach again: M17
    … the steppers take over …with a jerk (!!)
  5. asking position again: #n P2220
    $n ok X104.59 Y-0.96 Z42.90
    … there is a small difference from that jerk-move on re-attaching!
    Can we avoid that jerk and the related sound?

… and we should think about a relax function in uA-Studio Blockly

off-topic …
What’s about a simple terminal inside the uA-Studio? The com-Port claiming whould than be at one location? … best with a history function :slight_smile:

I just saw that, if I detach all joints (steppers) the P2220 comand does return the last attached Position (I guess). So how is it done in Blockly reading the current position at a “move to Position” command …?