Is the uArm pump invertible?

Hi everyone,

I have a uArm Metal and I was wondering about the pump, since there isn´t a lot of documentation about it.

I would like to know if it is possible to invert the air flow in the pump (blowing instead of sucking). This would allow to release an object much faster.

I thought this could be done by simply inverting the polarity of the pump, but I’m a little afraid of damaging it.

Could somone please tell me if this is possible?

Thanks for your answers.

The answer is no.
Inverting the polarity of the pump not harm the pump, but the air flow are not gonna changed.
There is an air valve behind the pump, it was controlled by one input port of the pump, every time when you close the pump, the valve kept open for awhile, about 100 ms by default, if the sucker detach the object quickly enough, the release is immediately, or you will get a slow release because of the valve return to close state.
Best solution for you is to extend the open time of the valve by modify the firmware code, I think 1 second is acceptable.
(for some version of uArm, the valve was controlled by hardware automatically, you need to replace a higher capacitance capacitor to extend the time, e.g. 10uF).

The digital port for valve: