Is there are way to avoid the uArm from crashing to ground from lost of power?

Are there any work around for this?

Although impossible now, it would have been best if it has some kind of internal power that allows the machine to return to a safe position.

Thanks for your feedback, yes the uArm Swift Pro is not able to hold it’s position while power off. Put a battery inside is not a good idea, what we think about is put a brake for each joint, then the uArm will hold it’s position while power off. How do you think that idea?

What is the issue with a battery inside? I was actually thinking of using a APC UPS battery that can be polled for battery level. When the battery level goes below a certain level, it would return to a safe position.

Yeah, a brake like what they have in some 3D printers should do the trick as well.

It should be a powerful battery inside if we need let the robot to return to zero position especially when it’s under its maxinum payload, and we have to think about the transport with battery as you mentioned and the lifetime of the battery as well.
We have a robot named xArm( which we used brake inside just like other business use robots. We think it will be better if we use the brake inside the uArm to let it hold its position( not to back to zero position) after power off.
Thanks for your advice.