Jerking and clicking on connecting/disconnecting

Whenever I connect to the robot, it performs a slight jerking motion. Also, the robot makes a clicking sound that seems to associated with the pump valve opening/closing.

Are these normal behavior for the rboto?

Hi ,could you shoot a video(it’s better to shoot this video in a quiet place) and share with us via google driver or dropbox?

This is a video of the behavior:

in this video, the robot is connected to Armstudio. Next, I close the program causing the robot to disconnect. You can then hear to click and slight jump the robot makes.

I think it must be the pump valve coming on as the same happens when I disconnect the power to the robot arm.

Hi , Sorry for the late reply, for the issue in the video is normal, we have check and confirm that the issue is normal. We will try to opitmize it. Thanks for your feedback.