Laser cut software could give more advance function?

So I am doing something stupid,
This is what I mock up:

and what I actually done (badly lol)

aside from my horrible skill, I find some limitation and possible bug on the software, while the hardware is fantastic (except need bigger power to cut thicker paper)

  1. it keep missing some line, especially vertical line
    this is one of the simple layer I import:

but as the top photo show it didn’t cut the RIGHT side at all (so I just fold it in the picture)

  1. it randomly trace back the same path twice, i.e. it cut the shape clockwise 1 time, and then it sometimes cut the same shape anti-clockwise 1 time.

  2. need more precise control on the scale, X,Y position.
    I have been importing the exact same resolution pictures to cut, but the software seems try to auto fit and mess up my scale. would be great if I can just type the scale %, and have the X, Y coordination so I can align multiple cut?

  3. the undo function of the Creator software never work.

  4. the initial calibration can be allowed to skip, only need to actually move the arm to test the input height when user request?

anyway here’s the files I made if anyone want to test, it’s too detail but fun to try anyway:

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Hi Maximillian,

Thank you for your valuable feedback.

  1. missing line:
    It’s a problem of image processing. In the next version, we allow users to import vector file (.svg) and hope the result will be better.

  2. it may be a bug. We’ll check it out.

  3. It’s a good idea. We’ll consider that.

  4. The undo function works on Studio beta 1.1.13c1 and Studio official 1.1.12.

  5. For the future version, the initial calibration will only happen when you first enter laser engraving mode.

At last, thanks for sharing the pic!