Leap MOtion Update?

What is the current status of Leap Motion Controller interface to uArm Swift Pro?

Hi, we remove the leapmotion function on the latest uArm Studio, uArm Studio will no longer support Leapmotion. Thanks

Thanks, I am still interested in using the Leap Motion controller. Can you tell me what problems led you to remove support? Also, can you provide any helpful information regarding using the Leap Motion controller?

It was caused by the leapmotion driver which we used on uArm Studio was too old to let it work, and considering the futher product planning, we decided to stop the developing of compatibility for the Leapmotion.

If you need use the Leapmotion, you should not upgrade to the uarm studio v1.1.22 and you need use an driver which provide by leapmotion earlier than 2018.