Lost connection?


I just have started playing with the
uArm. I used the MouseControl application without any problem in my
first try. Then, I uploaded an Arduino Sketch in order to communicate
with the uArm through another application. Then I lost the communication
with uArm. Even the MouseControl application does not work anymore. I
try to press the reset button on the board. When I press, the first blue
LED (D13) blinks once. Then it is still not possible to control the
uArm through the MouseControl application.

Would you propose me a solution?

Thank you,

try uploading the standard firmware and following the calibration instructions listed here: http://evol.net/en/calibration Please let us know how you make out and our team will be more than happy to assist you in solving your issue. The uArm will not operate unless calibration is complete.

Now it works. Thank you!