M and P Gcode commands not recognized on uArm Swift

uArm Serial No.: 0402170027

Firmware Version: Unknown

Operation System: Mac and Linux

uArm Controlling Method: UCS, Arduino 1.6, Serial.app

None of the Mxxxx or Pxxxx commands on my new uArm Swift are recognized.
Only the G commands are accepted. This makes it very hard to make the arm do anything useful.

Everything else just returns back with “E20”
This includes things like:
-Turn on/off gripper pump
-Get Serial No.
-Get Hardware Version
-Get Software Version

and many others.
This happens on both Linux and OS X systems so it seems like the firmware on the uArm itself is an old version or is corrupted .

uArm Studio on both platforms also fails to work because the commands the app is sending are being rejected by the arm with error “E20” . -

Can you please tell me how to flash new firmware onto my uArm Swift to fix this?

Hi, you’re using uArm Swift right?

What’s the firmware version of your uArm?

Yes, I have a uArm Swift.
I have not been able to get my firmware version because that’s one of the commands that returns with an E20. UarmStudio doesn’t show the serial # or firmware on my Mac or on Linux.

P2202 & P2203 both return “E20”.
So, I can’t get the hardware or software version on my arm, and I also can’t do things like “Report Angles” or turn the suction gripper on or off.

How do I get the firmware version ?

Hi Cleo, any further idea about how I can get new firmware onto my uArm Swift or what the problem might be ?

Hi jetillo,
Did you flash the firmware by Arduino yourself? Please flash the latest firmware, and you could find the code here GitHub - uArm-Developer/SwiftForArduino: Swift Firmware(NOT Pro). Since the early version of swift don’t have the command over 2000 so that might be the problem.

This is the condition it was in fresh out of the box as it was delivered to me.
I’ll go get the latest code from Github and let you know what happens.

Hi Tony,
I’ve cloned that Git Repo, but it’s not clear how me how to flash the latest firmware, since that code seems to be for developing Arduino apps to work with the Swift.

I know with uArm Metal there was the uArm Assistant package but that doesn’t appear to be for this model. I’m getting kind of frustrated here and I know I’m not the only one having this problem. It would be really helpful if you could just point me to where to get the firmware image from and how to flash it onto my uArm Swift. It’s very frustrating that this sort of thing isn’t just available for download along with the uArm Studio and documentation on your downloads page.

It seemed a lot easier to be able to program and manage the software on my uArm Metal than on this arm.

A guide to flash the firmware would be helpful.

HI Jetdillo, sorry for the trouble. I have already reported the issue to our engineer and will give you a beta version to help you flash the new firmware tomorrow. Please be patient.

Hi Tony,
The team on the Facebook group was able to get me to the latest firmware for Swift last night. Thanks for your time.

It’s kind of hiding in plain sight.
Go and clone this:

-Install the src folder into your Arduino ‘libraries’ directory like you would with any other Arduino library.
-Connect up your uArm Swift to the USB port on your computer/laptop.
-compile and upload the .ino file under the “examples” directory onto your device.

If that succeeds then you’ve successfully flashed your Swift. You could then start up uArmStudio and see if there’s an even more recent version and flash that. The Github code will get you far enough along to make your device usable.

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