Modbus RTU using the control box

I am trying to use the modbus communication of the control box as the master to comunicate to an arduino as the slave, what is the function that i can use to send the data from the control box?
thank you!!!
the SN is : XI130211211L14

I have the same question, I can send data using the UFStudio interface to comunicate with RS485 using MODBUS RTU protocol from the control box, but I would like to know how to do the same using Python SKD.

Hi Sir,

You can enter ‘UFactory Studio-Settings-Externals-Modbus RTU’, choose control box and send modbus RTU command.

For python SDK, you can use getset_tgpio_modbus_data to do the same thing, pay attention to the host id, for control box you need to set it as 10.

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