Modbus TCP Communication Process

Hi. I would like to ask about the Modbus-TCP communication written on the developer manual. I would like to ask about some parts:

  1. TCP connection means the ethernet cable connection between computer and controller?
  2. Is there any SW or platform for me to send the modbus messages? I found on the forum someone used Hercules Setup Utility to send/receive data.
    Thank you

Hi Fadlul,

  1. Correct.
  2. Any tool that supports TCP communication is okay. I uploaded a Modbus tool in the below link.
    Tools - Google ドライブ

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Hi Minna,

I need access for the google drive. Thanks a lot for your help.

Done, please check again.

Thank you for the software. By the way, I just tried to use it and it works for sending command of enabling the robot. However, if I send response command, I get pop up notification as in the figure. Do you why?

Do you know why?

Hi Fadlul,

To enable robot, the command should be 00 02 00 02 00 03 0b 08 01.

Yes correct. It worked for me if I send request command as in the developer manual. But, sending response command, it showed like I said before (pop-up error 10000: An established connection was aborted by the software in your host machined).
Anyway, is it possible for me to read the status or get data of the robot (such as speed, acceleration, position, etc) using python inside xArm studio? Since if using modbus tcp, the developer manual has guidance how to send the response command to robot

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Hi Fadlul,

Yes, it is supported. Please run the code on ‘xArmStduio-Python IDE’ module.

Python SDK: xArm-Python-SDK/ at master · xArm-Developer/xArm-Python-SDK · GitHub

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