Movement limitations of uArm Pro

I’ve been trying find the maximum area I can cover with the uArm Pro and in doing so have found a limitation I didn’t expect.
Movement bounds seem to be set at 300mm X and ±300mm Y (cartesian), despite the arm being physically limited by polar values. This both reduces the reach of the arm by ~50mm at y=0 and makes it possible to send the arm to physically inaccessible locations such as (290,290).
Is there a reason for this or at least some way to change this behavior? Is this a unique problem, perhaps? I would greatly appreciate having access to the full range of motion and it would be nice if the movement limits actually stopped the arm from attempting impossible maneuvers.

uArm firmware: 3.1.5

uArm Controlling Method: Pyuf ( commit decfde1)


I see that, like me, you are using the pyuf library to control the arm.

Am I right in understanding that the robot seems to be programmatically limited in cartesian coordinates while the robot’s workspace would be better characterized using polar coordinates?

I have looked through the python code, and I couldn’t find any constraints in there. So, it seems this is hardcoded into the firmware. It seems they took a shortcut here and I agree with you that the cartesian constraints should be limited by their polar equivalent.

ps. How are you finding the pyuf library? I find it very buggy. I have only been working with it for a few days, and I have already found some bugs.