New accessories are coming: A gripper and a pen holder for the uArm metal

After the last uArm version was released, we received a lot of feedback from our users and partners, since then we decided to design some easy-to-use accessories that could be installed to end-effector of the uArm, to make the uArm a more competitive product.

Besides of existing Suction Cup, within a couple of months, we made an adjustable pen holder and a fully integrated gripper for uArm metal. They are compatible with all the metallic uArm we made. Now two accessories are both available on our online store:

The pen holder is an easy-to-use accessory for the uArm. With a maximum diameter of 15mm bayonet in the middle, the only steps you need to do are: pressing the prominent button to adjust the size of the bayonet; placing the pen into the bayonet; releasing your hand. After that the squeezed spring will automatically rebound and the pen will be clamped very tightly.

The gripper is a long-expected accessory for uArm Metal, which is fully integrated and smooth.

It has an internal MCU for monitoring the current, position switch and the external command, so you can receive feedback data and control it after sending High or Low electrical level.