Now to create fluent movement?

How do I follow a non-linear curve, how do I change speed during movement?

From what I have learned so far, it is only possible to issue a new move command after the last movement has finished, or the arm has to be stopped by “@9 V0” to issue a new command. That always led to move-stop-move… behavior in anything I tried and it makes trivial things, like following a circle, bad.

It would be useful to be able to issue move commands that would overwrite the current one, following immediately without any break, hence creating a fluent movement that change direction.
And also a command that would only change the speed of the current movement.

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Hi, as the current firmware is based on Marlin, it’s not able to overwirte commands. We are still seeking for the posibility to solve this issue and will note you once there is any update.

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I’m also very interested in that.

Hi Daniel, it has been about a year and half - is there any progress? I did not do much with the robot since because I have difficulty finding applications under these limitations. Thanks!

Hi, we developed a new firmware which optimize the movement(faster and more stable), but we confirm that firmware could not change the speed while moving as well.
Maybe you could take a look at this: GitHub - uArm-Developer/SwiftProForArduino at Version_V4.0