Object Sensors for cycling

Is there a way to hook this up to a photoelectric sensor so that it cycles the programed movements when an object triggers the sensor. If so any suggestions on sensors?

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The suction cup of the uArm is also a switch.
You can do some hacking to make the switch of the suction cup as the switch of the photoelectric sensor.

Recommend VL53L0 from st.

Please tell us what object you are going to sense, I need more detail.

It is a small rectangular container about an inch and half high. I want the Uarm to engage when I place the container in front of a sensor. It would be a white container. Thank you for the help.

There are many modules for you, you can choose one according your needs.

  • Ultrasonic Wave Ranging Module
  • Infrared Reflective Module
  • Limit Switch Module
  • USB Camera with OpenCV (color and/or object detection)
  • OpenMV Cam
  • Pixy (CMUcam5)


Let me know if you still have problems.

Hello Cleo

I want to move down with the Arm till the suction Cup switch is pressed. but in Blockly i can not find a solution for this…
maybe you have a tip.



It’s in the “Input”-When suction cup is pressed. But we do not recommend to use that since it’s not always give right feedback.