Old Version uArm from 2016

Hallo guys,
I have recently find “an old uArm” from beginning of 2016 (I guess). I move to a new flat and it was hidden or forgotten from one of previous tenants (whatever), try to find them no response yet, anyways. I got intrigued and will get this one to run. long story short.
Since the software download is only valid for the newer models I will appreciate a little suggestion how/where I can get something to run it.
I have already started to search for libraries etc. but I am not sure if i Have got it right.

best Regards

Hi,can you provide the version number and SN number of the robotic arm, the SN number is on the base of the robotic arm, so that we can give you better suggestions.

Thank you for your fast response.
I have bee researching, and as its seems (sinde there is no SN Number on the base of the robitc arm) I have found out that it is 7Bot Arm Basic with a vacuum gripper (kickstarter project) before uArm series really started.
Seem pretty old but in a very good condittion. Is tehre any chance to get some drivers etc. for that, I have been searching , but till now got nothing valid/working. And the Arm seems fine and working.
Thank you.
Best regards,

You can download information about the oldest version of uarm(uArm Acrylic series):https://drive.google.com/open?id=1U_i96OBi2j03fpMB8nFm47z5-V5vDO1v
We are very sorry for the following situations. We no longer provide technical support for uArm Acrylic series products, and also do not provide support for assembled accessories. We hope you can understand. However, in order to thank our old customers for their support, we have now launched a discount campaign. Old customers can purchase our new uArm at a 15% discount. (This offer is only for uArm series products)
Discount code: UPDATEUARM, you can use this discount code to buy any uArm series products in our store.
uArm purchase page: https://store.ufactory.cc/products/uarm