OpenMV Example Not Working

uArm Serial No.: (the No. at the bottom of each uArm reading “UARM-D43639DF6434”)

Firmware Version: 3.2.0

Operation System: Win10 64

uArm Controlling Method: Arduino/Python (latest Python for 3.7)


i’m trying to get OpenMV M7 example to work from the quick start guide. I realise there is another thread for this but it deviated between multiple problems which is why i document my issue here. Essentially i get to the Arduino control and type M2500 and nothing happens).

I had to re-solder breakout as it must have had some dry-joints but i checked the continuity and it all seems fine now

So, I open OpenMV IDE (v2.0) and update the camera firmware to 3.0.0. I load up helloworld and see the camera image and then proceed to load (with no changes) to the openMV (and check that it is on the drive). the LED turns blue.

I wire the jumper cables correctly (P4 - RX2, P5 - TX2, VIN - 5V, GND - GND), boot up Arduino IDE and Serial Monitor, set the Baud to 115200, Newline). I see some echo’d info, I type M2500 and press enter and i receive ‘ok’ but the arm does not move from its resting state, or move along with the object.

Can anyone help me out with this?

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Hi, do you have an extra arduino board? If yes, how about try this demo: GitHub - uArm-Developer/Vision-Pick-and-Place: Vision system with uArm Swift Pro and OpenMV


I have a similar issue, but with the code from the Vision Pick And Place.
Did you manage to make the robot work? Or even move?
When I follow the instructions nothing happens.

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Hi Kathrin, did you purchase the openmv or the vision camera kit?

Hi, I purchased the vision camera kit.

Did you follwo the guide of this doc:

If yes, could you post a video about how you operate it? Thanks

Hi Daniel

I have the Open MV that came with the SwiftPro in Jan 2017. works with the camera in OpenMV IDE. But has no results. I have the camera directly connected to my laptop with USB and I have my uArmSwiftPro directly connected to my laptop with USB.

Is there a specific firmware I need to install on the swiftPro? Does the code have to run in OpenMV IDE when I am using the camera? I am struggling to find details on how to set up the previous camera system that came with the robot - most of the links are to the new vision kit - why is it separate now? Is it the same as what I have?


OK I am getting more comfortable with the OpenMV IDE. I can see that the code is working, it is in a constant code that is printing “None”, and the camera is not collecting new data (has the same image from the beginning). What should I expect from this code? Is it taking a video? Is it taking a photo? Is this code connected to the robot - I think yes because uart is the robot? I guess I need to hack the code a bit more to understand what it should be doing as it is not clear to me.


Hi you could refer the doc here(from page 31):

I have an issue similar to yours but instead of “OK”, I’ve got “E20” i.e. unknown command, when I send “M2500” from the serial monitor of Arduino IDE like lines below. My OpenMV camera is connected to UArm Swift Prof via 4 Dupont cables but the micro USB is disconnected. The LED of OpenMV camera is sold blue so code should be in its memory. The firmware version of my OpenMV camera is 3.2.0 while that of Uarm Swift Pro is 4.3.2. Thank you in advance for your help.

refer:B822 L3612 R3997
angle offset:0.0000
device name : SwiftPro
soft ver : V4.3.2
api ver : V4.0.3
work mode : 0
@5 V1

Hi, did you use OpenMV or use the vision kit?

OpenMV kit coming from ufactory, thank you in advance for your help.

OK, it should be a firmware problem because when I back from the last firmware version 4.3.2 to 3.2.0, it works.

Oh, OK.