Other Suction Cup Forms

Hi all. I’m new with Uarm, and I’m trying to use it to sort sheets of paper. I need to take the sheets one by one, but the pump is as strong as usually catch 3 or 4 sheets at once. I don’t know if it’s possible to change the suction cup because i can’t find another in the shop and nor in sparfunk. I can’t find also information about the size or what kind of fixation it has, to search in other web pages.

Another problem is that sometimes, the pump lets the sheet fall, and I don’t know if the arm has one method to check if the suction cup has something catched or I need to install a new sensor (Ir sensor may be ok for the job).

Thanks and congratulations for the project

PD.- Sorry for my English


Welcome to the uArm community!

The suction cup is fixed with two screws (M2*5).

You will hear a lasting sound (like the sound of a working engine) when the suction cup is “catching” something. The sound will disappear when the suction cup releases.


Hi! The information you give me is very usefull, but I’m afraid the one that I bought from U-factory is not fixed with screws. The suction cup is fixed by pressing the rubber section until it fits. I have no experience in suction cups, so it would be great if someone could tell me the measurements and the material of suction cup mount or tested compatible suction cups. I want to buy various types to try them and decide wich is the best for the job. There was no information about the pump system and the mount, so i doubt.

I supose you mean Uarm sounds when the vacuum pump is working. The question is if there is a sensor or something that assure the object is catched positively (sometimes it falls down and retry if not possible y the arm doesn’t know it).



Sorry for the late reply.
So you bought the suction cup independent from the uArm, right?

Please give me your email and I’ll send you the guide.


Hi. No, i have two suction cups, both came with the original Uarm metal. I need to try with other form and material, because the arm takes more than one sheet. My email is lamassa@gmail.com