Pen Holder for uArm Metal

is there a pen holder for uArm Metal for purchase or printable download?

I do not believe there is. if you do find one though make sure it has spring suspension so the pen does not ram the surface or rip the paper. It would not be hard to design. let me know if you cannot find one and ill see if i can get some time to draw one up.

I haven’t been able to find one online – I’m happy to commission a pen holder from you if you have some availability and interest. I’m working on a drawing performance in July in New York and would like to utilize the uArm.

ok do you have a 3d printer?

Yes, I have an ultimaker and a makerbot.

( Pardon my delay in reply! Would you mind emailing me at hello at sougwen dot com? )

We can offer a simple penholder stl file for the 3D printer:)

that is awesome tony that is what I was going to design! thanks for the help!

That would be great, Tony! May you send the file to hello at sougwen dot com? I can send you my paypal info as a reply from there.

Thanks much!