Power Supply Issue

uArm Serial No.: UARM05051704B4

Firmware Version: As shipped (can’t connect)

Operation System: Win7

uArm Controlling Method: can’t connect, just power up

I’ve been having difficulty with my arm since unpacking. I’ve tried several times contacting using the support form but have received no response. My problem is that upon power up the arm twitches violently, the red power light dims and it repeats continuously. From what I gathered from other posts, this seems to be a power supply issue. I can send a video, if requested (it was included on the form that I sent previously). Please advise how to proceed.
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I just heard from Lancer and he said it sounds like the power supply and that he would ship out a replacement.

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My power supply is providing 11 volts within the range, but Arm is not working at all. Are you having the same trouble?

Power supply voltage is OK but as soon as the arm powers up I think it shock loads the power supply and it drops out causing the arm to reset. This repeats indefinitely, so I have not been able to try anything with. I don’t have any other 12 volt supplies capable of 5 amps.

The power supply caused the repetitive reset. Lancer has sent the new one for you. Sorry for the inconvenient.