[Pro] Not performing some differential commands

I am building upon the tracking.py example for OpenMV. While I made the original version work, I am working on a vertical camera position and I am having difficulties.

Camera communicates with the arm, sending commands to it (with 300ms sleep per command) and the arm always responds “ok”, but only moves after the first differential command and does not move at all on the following ones.

Example of the communication:
RX:b’ok\n’ (UART link established, going to default pos)
TX:G0 X250 Y0 Z160 F15000\r\n
(5 seconds wait here, tracking starts)
TX:G2204 X0 Y-2.6 Z4.6 F1000\r\n (moves here)
TX:G2204 X0 Y-1.925 Z3.925 F1000\r\n (no movement here and forth)
TX:G2204 X0 Y-0.65 Z2.65 F1000\r\n

It would move only to the first G2204 command and not move after any other, even if given longer break between them. In the original, horizontal case, it works fine though. Only difference is that it uses X and Y and has Z 0.

uArm Serial No.: UARM-050517049E
Firmware Version: 3.1.9

That might be caused by the limitation of movement. try to make the default height lower and then try again. Thanks

Yes, it did help. I started from a lower position and was able to control it.

But even so, when the arm reached some high position and got a differential command to move higher, it got stuck and stopped moving, as in my original post.
a command leading out of range, I would expect it to either move to the most extreme position, or ignore the command, but continue operating.

Thank you for advice Tony.

Yeah, that might be caused by the algorithm. We would try to find it out. Thanks