Problem downloading uArmStudio-prod-1.1.15-a2.dmg

I’ve been attempting to download the uARM Swift Pro software for Mac OSX, uArmStudo-prod-1.1.15-a2.dmg for the past few days, tried a few different machines on different networks. In each case I get about 40mb of the 210mb indicated and the download stops.

Is there any other method (FTP, dropbox, etc.) of obtaining this file outside of the web site?

Thanks in advance.

I was able to figure this out - the downloads webpage link is specifying this file as “uArmStudio-prod-1.1.15-a2.dmg”. I went out to this same page and fetched “uArmStudio-prod-1.1.15.dmg” and was able to download it just fine.

Kindly fix the downloads URL when possible to avoid others from having this same issue!