Problem with my arduino board

I have a small problem with my arduino. In fact, I use Uarm in my class to explain C code. It’s realy helpfull when someone don’t understand. The problem is that one of my students broke my arduino Board. So What kind of arduino i can use to replace it?
Tanks for comments and sorry if it have some mistake, my IPad is setup in french So the autocorrect make corrections in french .

Hi Steven, Thank you for your support on uArm. You could buy Arduino Uno to replace the broken one.

Thank you Alex for your really fast answer. You give an Impeccable service !

You are welcome, Steven, If you have any other questions, you could find us here anytime. :blush:

Hi Alex,
I bought A arduino uno to solve my problem, but I have some difficulties with the new output of the Board. The output are not the same than original Uarm Shields.
Can you help me .

Hi Steven, would you show me the picture of your Uno board?

The problem is when I try to use mouse controle for exemple, I don’t find the output for each servo. I test it and i found than output 9 is for gripper, but I have no voltage on each other while I mouve the mouse. And sorry I’am a new user And I can’t upload picture.
However, my Arduino is Uno R3 .

Hi Steven, Here is the Port specification, please make sure you connect to the right position.

It’s because I don’t use the original Uarm shield. My Uarm shield was broken result of little problem with wather bottle. So I change it for an Arduino Uno R3 and I have some problems with motors connections. It’s because the ouput are not the same than original shield.

i know it has been a few months but did you solve the problem? if not i can walk you through hookup without the shield. ultimately if you buy a new shield i believe it comes to around $16 shipped to Canada so might be worth just buying a new shield