Problems reading in a button with Grove


I try to start a process with the help of the function Grove Button. I have an If query connected to the function. Unfortunately, I have no success hereby. Maybe someone had the same problem or knows how to fix it?


How do you control that? By uArm Studio Blockly or Python code? Could you show us the scripts if possible?

I control them by uArm Studio Blockly

hi, did you use the firwmare 4.0? Firmwre 4.0 dose not support Grove, if you need use the Grove, please use firmware 3.2.0.

yes I use firmware 4.0. I’ve already tried with the Frimware 3.2.0, but there are not optimized the stepper and the accuracy of the robot is not enough for my plans. Is there a way to read the Harware inputs in firmware 4.0?

Hi, no. Maybe you could try to use PC to process the hardware inputs and use uArm Python SDK to control the uArm.