Problems Running uArmForROS on Raspberry Pi 2

Hey @Shan_Luo Shan_Luo,
here is a link to the github page.

@Junyi_Song, thanks for all your help with uArm and ROS. I’ve been looking at using scripts to control uArm via ROS and to enable additional features ROS provides. I hear that you are developing more firmware for use with ROS - any updates on this, if it is true?

Hi, caspa, actually we are mainly developing the new version of uarm. So the current ROS package may be OK for users to control uarm. If you have any specific requirement, could you tell us?

Hi Joey - i’m wondering how you could script uArm’s movement via ROS. Any suggestions? For example picking an object up with the pump at position A and moving it to point B.

Thanks @Caspa
It works ! I find that the FirmataEEPROM.ino works for uArmForROS, I thought that there were a file named uArmForROS.ino…

I have a new question, I have implemented the learning mode in Ardurino and it works as described in

But I find that in this situation I cannot use the pump.
For instance

recordingMode(50) ;

The pump will be turned off when the learning mode runs. Any idea to solve it? Thanks.

I also have such question @Caspa
How to control the pump and movement via ROS.

Any suggestion? @Junyi_Song