Problems with black acrylic arm, first time outa the box

Hi there,
I sent an email two weeks ago but I haven’t heard anything back. I am an original backer from kickstarter, number 459! I know it’s been a couple of years but I was finally able get the time to put the black acrylic arm together. I could only find the 1.1.0 instructions.

I also ran into the problem that the package was incomplete. While I have the acrylic and some of the other odd pieces to make the gripper. I am missing the “For Gripper” package with those specialty pieces.

I got it all together and downloaded the uarm assistant, because there is no info anywhere about the earlier models.

when I plug in the usb cable. All I get is a very loud “EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE” noise That wont go away unless I unplug it.

Please help, I would really love to be able to play with this.

Thanks, Matt

uArm Serial No.:  Not sure as it is a unassembled kit

Firmware Version: What ever the origin was

Operation System: Win 10

uArm Controlling Method:  Cant even get that far. 

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Could you please send me your email address by PM? Or give me a email ( Since it’s the 4 years ago product, it might be hard to find the files, I would send you the whole package of it. Thanks

Thank you Tony! I have sent en email to you from my gmail account. Thank you again.