Product inquiry

Hi~ My name is Sangjin Pyo in South Korea.

I wonder when ‘uARM-Metal’, ‘uARM-Metalic Pen Holder’ and 'uArm Metallic will be prepared for delivery.

I am planning to place an order your company’s product ‘uARM-Metal’ , ‘uARM-Metalic Pen Holder’ and ‘uArm Metallic Gripper’

But it seems that uARM-Metal including Pen holder and Gripper is out of stock now in Ufactory hompage!

I sent e-mail to ‘’ for getting information about uARM-Metal’s state of stock, but I haven’t gotten reply yet. So I’m writting my inquriy here… sorry…

Anyway, please let me know, when uARM-Metal, gripper and pen holder will be in stock and prepared for delivery.

Thank you~

You can buy the uArm Metal here.