Python script to stream G-Code

uArm Version: uArm swift pro
Operation System: Linux
uArm Controlling Method: Python 2.7

In Windows I use this python script, to stream G-Code to uArm:

UArm is connected via usb to my laptop. After adjusting the serial port to the right COM-Port, everything works.

Now I want a siemens iot2040 (its an intel galileo board with yocto linux) to send the G-Code. I connected the uArm to the board via usb. I installed python and pyserial, as in windows. But I can’t talk to the uarm with my streaming script. In my script I tried all possible serial ports (ttyGS0, ttyS0, ttyS1, ttyS2, ttyS3). Maybe the connection via usb is the mistake.

For serial communication the board has

  • 2 x D-sub sockets (RS 232 , RS 422, RS 485 )
  • 1 x micro-USB,
  • Pins 0 and 1

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I found out that the yocto linux on the iot2040 has no usb-serial support. So it’s a driver problem, I think.
Are there other possibilities to connect the uArm with the board, maybe with some pins of the 30P base extension.

There is a TTL serial on the 30p connector, pin 3 and 4
Over USB you can switch over with the command M2500, this is then permanent until the next reset of the uArm.
More details in Chapter 3 of the deveopers guide.

hope it works for you.

Where can I download the developers guide?

Support-> Download on uFactory website, scroll down to “Documents”
direct link