Question about inverse Kinematics of the uArm

Can anyone explain the how they solve the rotation angles of right/ left motor using inverse kinematic of parallel-mechanism robot? Thanks so much.

Hi, Zejiang

This is joey from uArm team. Actually the left servo and right servo are separated rather than parallel to each other. Each servo controls the rotation of one link independently.

So, uArm is a serial robot which has 4 servos at each joint. You can use geometry solution to solve the inverse kinematics. Anyway, we have the latest APIs which includes the inverse kinematics function (calXYZ(x,y,z)) inside. You can check for more information.


Algorithm engineer

I want to make a Uarm but with different size.
For the inverse Kinematics, what constant do I have to change in the firmeware ?
Just this two (exept for min max limits) ?

#define ARM_A 148 // upper arm
#define ARM_B 160 // lower arm

What do mean the 2 constants offsetL, offsetR ?
Where do you confirgure them ?

The lenght of lever of left servo is not taken in account in the setPosition routine. Why ?

Thnaks for your answers

Sorry, I meaned right servo, not left.