Recalibration after servo detach and reattach

Quick question about detaching and reattaching the servos. After detaching and reattaching them, will I need to run the calibration again? If so, how often would you recommend?

If you are remounting the servos, make you write a bit of code to set the servo angles to zero degrees and mount them such that link 1 and 2 are horizontal (these are the zero positions). For the rotation servo, a setting of 90 is the center.

You want to have as small offsets as possible when you do final calibration, and taking care to match servo 0 with mechanical 0 is important.

Once mounted, you can run the calibration program. The offset values are the last three numbers that the calibration sketch will output. You want all of these numbers to be <5. If any offset is > 10, you should probably take the time to remount the servo again.

Once you have gotten acceptable values during calibration, there is no need to calibrate again unless:

  1. You erase the EEPROM
  2. You calibrate the arm using the older method used in the Windows app or record/playback
  3. You remount the servos or otherwise modify the mechanical parts

I hope that helps!

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