Regarding python library pyuf for UARM Swift

Greetings there,
I am trying to use an UARM Swift for my project to pick garbage from a moving belt.I could find that UARM Creator Studio is only suitable till UARM Metal and not for UARM Swift from a discussion thread from this forum.They suggested me to use python/ROS/ARDUINO IDE to use for the project But I could find that pyuf library for UARM is not yet in official python page as i could not find proper documentation about pyuf suggesting how to use it in code.What are the features embedded in this package,etc. So, it could be really helpful if somebody could help with some proper way to learn Pyuf module and regarding how to use it in our code!!!
Is it easy to use python package pyuf or ROS or Arduino IDE for coding UARM Swift for Garbage Sorting Process

Great Thanks in Advance.Kindly help me quickly as it is very urgent

It also include python lib for uArm Swift.