Replacing a Servo

One of my uarm has a broken servo (left servo) I got a replacement servo to fix it with, however is there a certain process to replace them? Does the uarm have to be in a certain position to insert the servo?

I also need instructions on how to detatch the broken servo. A reply would be great!

Hi mike,

replacing a servo is a complicated task.
A guide of servo replacement will be out next week. Will keep you updated!


Hi mike,

A video tutorial of servo replacement will be out around next Tuesday.


That would be awesome! Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey Cleo, are you able to provide a link to the tutorial if its been posted already? I cant seem to find it

I have this same problem as well. Need urgent instructions on replacing servo. Thanks!

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Sorry for Cleo is sick recently and I will write the Tutorial. There are many details. maybe next Tuesday can be completed. If you are in a hurry, pls message me your Skype ID. I will video you.

May I have your Email, pls?
I will send you the Guide.


Hello everyone!

@Poppy May i have a link or the procedure to replace a servo.

I updated the arduino libray to the most recent and when I powered the arm and sent the command uarm.move _ to the robot fully streched and stoped an at unkown spot (not the one it was ment to move to). The wright servo (link 2) got stuck and now it won’t move.

This is the second time i have to replace a servo because the UArm acting up!

Thank you

Hi…as per mu knowledge you can replace your servos but not for all conditions. Can you please tell me where you do you want to replace them. Also what are the specifications for them. You should replace them with the compatible ones only.

turnkey pcb assembly

Is there a video up on replacing the Uarm Metal servo? I just received my replacement and need to start installing the new one.

Did you ever find the servo replacement instructions?

Please PM me your email and I’ll send you the guide.
Because we don’t recommend users to replace servo on their own, we didn’t put the guide on our website, but provide it on demand.

Hello, I also have a broken servo that I need to replace - would be interested in the replacement instructions if possible. Thanks!

if you PM Cleo Profile - Cleo - UFACTORY Forum he will send you the manual