Request: Gamepad controller support

Hi there,

I have an xArm 6 and it’s been fantastic for me. I’d love to be able to control my arm through uFactory Studio with a USB gamepad controller or similar.

For lots of projects, I position go-to points for my arm with the GUI controls to build the basic program. But that requires switching back and forth between looking at my computer screen and looking at the robot. Being able to move it with a hardware controller would be hugely helpful!

Hi Sheimend,

Currently our UFactoryStudio doesn’t support USB gamepad control.
You can develop it yourself actually, a real-time system is important in this case, servo_j and servo_cartesian are the main functions to use under servoj mode, just for your reference:

Python example please refer to this link: (xArm-Python-SDK/example/wrapper/common at master · xArm-Developer/xArm-Python-SDK · GitHub) 7001&7002

Best regards,