Run xArm Program without PC


I want to automate an assembly task with the xArm 5.
Later, when the process is running in practice in our production, I do not want the worker to have access to the blockly code. I would prefer not to need a PC to run the robot program. The worker should be able to start/pause/stop the program using external physical buttons that are connected to the inputs of the control box.


  1. Is it possible to store a (blockly) program only on the control box and not need to have it on a PC?
  2. How can I use an input signal (for example my physical “start”-button) to load and run a program in the control box without PC?
  3. Is it possible to hide the (blockly) code or to make it not editable without loosing the possibility to start/pause/stop and react to errors in xArm Studio? (Being able to switch from “developer view” to “operator view”)

Any answer, help or idea is highly appreciated!


You can achieve the purpose by adding the offline task with the input signal.
For the detailed steps, please check the video.
The link of the video:

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