Servo/ hand axis always returning 180 and continues to try and turn

I have been trying to figure out why the servo hand keeps returning 180. This is happening with the calibration software, uclient and uarm creator studio. I have updated my firmware (despite website links being broken) and still nothing works. Could it be a hardware issue?


sorry for the late reply.
Please flash firmware and re-calibrate via uArm Assistant (the link below).
And the website links are updated and fixed.
PM me if you have further problem.

Have tried the update and calibration. No wrist or hand motions were done during this new calibration. The problem still persists. The motor will turn and is still controllable. whenever the arm is set, the wrist servo is always trying to reach a certain position yet cannot reach it as it is past the furthest point of movement (out of bounds).

calibration log:( 2016-12-01 04:41:48,376 - UA_DEBUG - INFO - pyuarm version: 2 - Google ドキュメント )

Hi, according to the calibration log, the wrist servo didn’t move during the process of calibration.
it might be because the wrist servo was not plugged in the board correctly or was damaged.
Please PM me a photo of the board of your uArm and we’ll figure out.