Set up the universal holder

I bought the universal holder for my uarm metal but I don’t know how to set it up, I don’t succeed in removing the suction cup.
Could somebody help me ?
Thanks !

Hi Onetchou,

Please go to
And download “uArm accessories doc.rar”. You may find what you need.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t solve my problem. Indeed, in the “uarm holder user guide” document, in the assembling instructions, it is said that I have to remove the 2 M2 screws, then that I have to unplug the wire, and after the suction cup is normally removed. But there’s still the pump pipe and the wire of the motor ? Moreover the suction cup seems not to pass through the hole in order to remove it. What do I have to do ?

(A little question : why is there a wire that comes from the holder in the step 3 ?)

Thanks !

As soon as the suction cup is removed and the holder is fixed with 2 screws, you can start using it.

The holder is just a tool for fixing a pen (or other things alike), no wire is needed.

“a wire that comes from the holder in the step 3”
It’s not a wire connecting the holder, but the wire of the hand motor for the suction cup, you can ignore that.

I didn’t manage to remove the suction cup because it is still link to the wire connected to the hand motor and it is still connected to the pipe of the pump.

Please unplug the wire and the pipe as is shown in the pic.

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