Smaller Suction Cup

Is it possible to attach a smaller suction cup to pickup devices that are 0.5 cmx0.5cm?

Theoretically it’s possible but you have to get the tiny suction cup, the standard suction cup come with uArm Swift Pro may not able to do that.

Where does Uarm source its suction cups? Maybe I can speak to the manufacturer? I imagine it wouldn’t be hard to make?

Hi Reck, please understand that the supplier will not manufacture a new designed suction if you do not have a significant quantity, for example 100 or more. If you only need 1 or 2 it will be very expensive. How many units do you need? We could provide customize industrial solutions if your requirements is feasible.


It will be beneficial for uarm to make 100 for small pick and place operation. The reach is very small so it needs to be used for tiny operation. Can replace programmers on the assembly line. Can come in handy for soldering small 0201/0402 SMT components. If you can improve speed it can be used to replace small pick and place machines. All you need is tiny nozzle.

Hi Reck, could you PM me your personal Email or Skype account, I will let our sales team to contact you and discuss details.