[Solved] uArm play for Android not connecting

Hi guys, I tried the Android uArm play, but I am not able to connect to the uArm Swift Pro. I can see them in the Bluetooth list of the phone (Samsung Galaxy S8+) but not in the app’s device list. Have tried to pair using the devices Bluetooth menu, but the arm rejects the pairing request.

Any thoughts on how to make it working?

[update/solution] SamWiseTheG found that manually editing the permissions makes the app work as intended. This will likely be corrected in the future so no manual steps are needed.

I am experiencing the same issue on 2 different android devices Bluetooth is showing up in settings but not in the uarm app. Also cannot connect directly from android device

I had the same problem.
Check the permissions of the app and make sure to allow them.
It was able to connect through the app after.

Perfect, that did the trick! So only fix uArm team needs to do is to make the permissions be required rather than just declared, and the whole thing should work fine without tweaks.

Hi @Hjelt @SamWiseTheG @genlas

There’s an issue of Android system that you have to open and allow uArmPlay to access your GPS, or you can’t connect via Bluetooth…

We discovered this problem too and added a reminder within the app. A new Android app will be uploaded next week.

Sorry for the trouble.