Stepper Controled Linear Axis

I have designed a Axis that the Uarm mounts to and can move the arm 400mm using a stepper motor and some limit switches. i will be posting updates with pictures and code as soon as it is finished. i am currently waiting on my SC8UU bearings to show up. Design files are available in Autocad Format and Code will be available in Arduino. Any Questions are Welcome!

Here is a picture of the slide system. it is almost complete

UPDATE: Below you will see the BOM for this project The parts files will be up in the next little while as im still tweaking and fine tuning the parts. you will see the arm in the list is metal but in the picture is plastic this should not effect anything but price at this time.

Nice Work Nick, I can’t wait to see how it work!! :grinning:

Hi, bro, you can put your youtube link here about your linear movement uarm. We are planning to integrate all cool videos in a new area in our website.

Yes I plan on doing a video once I get the axis working in conjunction with the arm. I am actually hoping to add a linear potentiometer and tie it into the firmware for the uarm so I can use the record mode for it.

First things first though… I am currently working on getting the driver and mechanical means setup and tuned for accuracy.

Ok, if you need any help about robot arm, just let us know. We are ready to help~

It would be great if you could assist me in the control side of things. so i will have a potentiometer feedback to the arm for the slide position and would need a direction and pulse output for the stepper driver. i can get more detailed info over the next few days. does this seem doable?

Junyi_Song so the potentiometer i have is a linear potentiometer that is 10K Ohms and my driver for stepper would need a pulse and direction input. is there anyway you can incorporate this as another axis in the firmware and software for me?