Suction not working out of the box

Hi all. When I actuate the suction using hardware buttons, I can hear the suction pump going and clicking, but I detect no suction from the suction line tube. Is there a problem at the base of the unit? should I try opening it and see if the tube has come loose?

Hi, could you shoot a video about that and share to us? (Please make sure that the sound of the pump is clear on the video)

Sure, I can do that this weekend. Should I post it here, or should I send it to you directly?

Yes, you could post here. Thanks.

Here it is. I just manually made a short program to activate the pump for a while and turn it off.

Hi, the problem may be located on the tube. Please check the connect part here: image
make sure that the air could path the tube smoothly.
If the problem is not the tube but the pump, please contact our after sales department here:

I’m pretty sure I have checked it before and it didn’t seem like the tube was kinked or obstructed. I will contact your sales team as you suggested. Thank you.

I have the same issue. When I activate a suction from uArm studio, I hear the pump turning but no suction. May I open the rear panel of the base to check if the tube should be firmly fixed to the pump? The firmware version of my uArm Swift Pro is 4.3.2

Hi, did you check the end of tube(as the image below)? No suction there?

No airflow from the tube’s extremity. I wanted to send you an audio record file to allow you diagnosing my problem but this forum doesn’t authorize it.

Oh, you could use Google driver or youtube link.

Thank you very much for a fast reply. I’ve just uploaded the recorded audio file at 20190125 094600.m4a - Google ドライブ
Please note when I deactivate the suction, I hear several clicks with the firmware 3.2.0 and only one click with the firmware 4.3.2

Hi, it’s normally that the sounds is different on firmware 4.2.0 and firmware 3.2.0.
Is that no suchtion on both firmware?

The firmware 4.2.0 is no more available from uArm studio so I’ve just uploaded the audio file from the firmware 4.3.2 at

Yes, I have no suction with 3.2.0 nor 4.3.2
Thank you in advance for your help.

Hi, if there is no suction with both firmware, it should be hardware issue. Could you contact to get repair service?