Suggestions for manual control of the uArm Swift Pro

I’ve just downloaded the latest software for the uArm and started to have some fun with controlling it manually. It works ok for a first draft, but i would like to offer a few requests/suggestions:

  • To allow for ease of use and to prevent the horrible sound of gears slipping, it should be possible to build in the accessible movement envelope into the GUI. For a given Z position, the X and Y coordinate map should only show the allowable movement areas. In addition, whenever the Z axis is adjusted and the coordinate is out of bounds, the head should move (in a radial direction) with the limitation of the available space. No more trying to move beyond the limits.

  • Can you please add an option to not turn the suction on at the same time as the gripper? Only one or the other is required (most of the time), would make operation quieter and less annoying.

  • Can you add an option to allow finer control of the gripper opening? I plan on adding cosmetic alterations to the tips (OK, latex fingers - what’s the point in a robot arm if you can’t use it for creeping people out during halloween) that would work better if position control was available.

  • One last thing, can the position update be a little bit faster? There is a lot of lag, which when combined with the out of bounds issue, can create a problem when trying to position the arm.

I’m sure there’s lots of other great (or better) ideas out there.

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Hi. I believe the firmware versions above 3.1.18 do not allow movement outside boundaries. The device itself is probably the right place to take care of these anyway.

I’ve yet to see 3.1.18 - just checking out the dev firmware page now.

It is in the development branch.

I’ve just tried out the 3.1.20 firmware, it does prevent the arm from trying to go where it can’t. I’d still like to see an implementation of a movement envelope in the software though - the arm won’t move if you try to put it out of the envelope, but for ease of use it would be best to show limits on the screen.