Swift pro Arduino code example


I am able to control uArm swift Pro with python library and function. That is good.

But if I want to control uArm swift pro with Arduino, I could not find any sample example for movement.
1 - Can you please share at least a sample arduino code for uArm swift pro ? I am really stuck there.
I am aware of Marlin libraries on github, I reviewed all libraries, but I do not know which libraries are essential for uArm basic movements ?

2- Also for the Marlin library, when I try upload zip file from arduino ide it says unsupported library. So should I only extract swiftProForArduino file to Arduino/libraries and list all .header files in Marlin folder and remove .cpp files like mentioned in the developer manual page 21? Should I remove platformio file? I will be glad if you guide me.

uArm Serial No.: Swift Pro
Firmware Version: latest

Operation System: Win10

uArm Controlling Method: Arduino

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Pleas refer the answer here:Arduino UART2 and gcode communication