Swift Pro axis 4 incorrect and wild movements during replay

uArm Serial No.: 508CB1766D5A

Firmware Version: 3.1.5

Operation System: Win10

uArm Controlling Method: Swift Pro built-in learn mode

After upgrading firmware to 3.1.5
When using the gripper and giving input for grip rotation (axis 4?), the axis will make random, sudden, and drastically incorrect changes through the sequence.

This seems to be an issue at recording time, as the incorrect movements repeat when the recording is replayed. This did not happen on the older firmware, so I suspect a software issue for now.
Unfortunately, I did not make a note of what firmware was in it before.

Interestingly, the uArm Studio software’s learn mode does not play back any gripper axis movement at all, so I cannot test with it.

Video of the issue: