Swift Pro firmware 3.1.16 - suction stop command gives off clicks

When I upgraded my Swift Pro firmware to 3.1.6, the “suction stop” command gives off 6 or 7 quick clicking sound. It’s the same on uArm Studio using Blockly command, control module, or when sending gcode over serial terminal (#25 M2231 V1 → #25 M2231 V0).

Same suction pump command to SwiftPro on the previous firmware did not have the clacking sound. Anybody else getting the same behavior on firmware 3.1.16?

Yes, I’ve had that clicking sounds when stoping the suction pump dince the very beginning of using the uArm. It happens with both Blocky and Gcode commands and with every fw release I’ve used.

Hi @ebto @YoHidden

When we first released uArm Studio, the default firmware has a bug that the suction up won’t let off objects immediately. So we changed the firmware to improve the situation, but the caused the clicking sound which we can’t remove.

The sound won’t affect the usage of suction cup or other features. Sorry for the confusion.

Hi @Cleo,

I would be much more happier waiting a few moments, rather than listening to those lound and unpleasant chirr. Can you issue a command to release teh suction cup (maybe not absolutely immediately), but no clicks?

Hi serdan, the noise of click is made by the valve which is made of electromagnet. So if you don’t want the noise it means the suction cup won’t release any more. If it’s ok for you, we would do it. Thanks

That makes sense for me.
Object will fall by itself when pumping stops. The time of course depends on material, weight, other circumstances… Or did I miss your point?

Yeah you are right, so you do want the firmware to work like that without the noise?

Yes, please. Thanks for your help.

Hi serdan,
Please check the special version of firmware here, and download it by using the offline flash tool here.
The version of firmware is still 3.1.16, so if you do any upgrade then the the special version would be overwritten.