Swift Pro is DEAD

uArm Serial No.: (the No. at the bottom of each uArm reading “UARM-0505170523”)

Firmware Version: Who knows…

Operation System: Win(10)

uArm Controlling Method: uClient/UCS/Arduino/Python (Please specify the software/library version)
All the above. The arm is just dead. I look like a fool. Hell of a paperweight though.

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Hi @NorthernPike

uClient & UCS are not for uArm Swift Pro,

Please download the related software here: http://www.ufactory.cc/#/en/support/

Please specify the problem that you’re facing so we can deal with it, thanks.

I know uClient isn’t for the Pro. The Studio is suppose to be and all it says is that it’s connected to a Swift, not a Swift Pro and nothing works within that software. I thought this product was ready.
Arduino just no longer will even communicate even though it see’s the mega on COM5. Oh, ya, is there an Arduino library that works with the Pro?
I power cycle and try to manually set a movement with the pushbuttons but that won’t even work anymore.
I wouldn’t even know where to start with Python since any documentation is far and few between. I spend more time trying to find information than I do anything else with this product.
I’m sorry but it’s just so frustrating. Nothing works the way it’s suppose to and I can’t figure out why and it doesn’t seem as though anybody is willing to help. Maybe Trump was right, I should have bought something Made In the USA.

Hi Pike, I’ll follow up for the problems you have on this thread: