Trouble Connecting to Uarm Pro ( offline mode doesn't even work"

uArm Serial No.: up1300180406d0
Firmware Version:

Operation System: Mac Sierra 10.13.5

uArm Controlling Method: uArm Studio

I got this working through Uarm studio about a week ago. Then I went to Audino and used Gcode to get it to move. But now, i can no longer get it to connect for Gcode. In Uarm studio, I get stuck at the screen saying plug in power and USB, i have used a couple different USB cables as well as different pcs. Finally, i tried doing offline learning to see what is working and what is not. I follow the directions, but the the green indicatior light never comes on and I cant do anything else with it. Please help me figure out this issue.


Hi, could you shoot a video about that issue?


Sure, here is an unlisted video on YouTube. I understand that it says the driver isn’t installed, but i had it working last week with the same software. And to add to that the I can’t get offline learning to work. I’m sure its something simple that I am missing but I can’t figure it out, thanks!

Have you changed the firmware? It seems that the firmware is not the right one, you could flash the firmware 3.2.0 and try again.

This fixed the issue. Thanks!

You are welcome.